Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Big news!

We have a new little one in our house.  No no, no, a puppy.  She's beautiful!  A black lab and something else mixed.  A furry little energy machine that races around like crazy then crashes for a nap.  She has a little white on her nose, her paws, and a diamondish shape on her chest so we named her Belle.  

Now our human baby is doing really well at school.  She loves her teacher!  Her 504 plan meeting was scheduled and her teacher met with us right after.  Her new teacher was very positive UNLIKE last years teacher who only pointed out negative things.  At her kindergarten conference the teacher to my husband and I that based on her IEP from pre-school she wondered what kind of kid the district had given her then she went on to say that she turned out to be a wonderful girl to have in her class.  What a way to give a backwards compliment?  And the whole time we were in the conference we saw her looking at her laptop and over our heads at the clock...a back and forth eye pass.  What a way to make parents feel as if you are counting the 15 minutes allotted for the conference.  This years teacher, had a long talk with me when I dropped off juice boxes for the Halloween party and when she heard my husband had to take time off of work for the 504 meeting  she offered to combine the conference so he wouldn't have to take time more time off.

However, the 6 year old munchkin who I have been raving about is very anti-homework after school.  My husband is the homework intigator and she has SO much anger toward him, punching, hitting, and yelling so she is now seeing a therapist covered by our insurance.  Works out since she's an art therapist.  We shall see how it progresses.   

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