Sunday, January 10, 2016

Winter break stunk

Christmas was fine.  Meal went off without too many hitches.  I went to Christmas Eve service at a new to me church in the area with my parents.  The church was great.  It's a Lutheran Church and I was raised and confirmed in a Lutheran Church so it was very comfortable for me. My MIL was here and stayed over-night.  She is not an easy guest.  She observed me doing this thing...choosing to go to a new church.  She was unable to go to any church because her health issues have been difficult.  She was not producing healthy blood cells so she was at a high risk of getting sick.  Also known as myodispasia (sp?).

She went home, and 2 days later went to the hospital for a bladder infection.  She was in isolation, and if people visited they had to put hospital gowns and wear a face mask.  We were worried she would not recover.  My husband who is an only child was not pleasant to live with.  Last week when I said I was going to church on Sunday at the Lutheran Church he asked if I was willing to try another Catholic church...the last one in the area we haven't checked out.

We have been married since 1999, got married in my Lutheran church with a priest also.  I have no desire to convert.  It is too strict, and judgmental.  There are so many rules to follow.  I keep thinking, ok the bible says same sex couples should not be married, but I don't agree.  I am not gay, but it really bothers me that there are many restrictions for those who are.  For example I tried that one church, it was a very devout christian church, the people were fantastic, they had a great Sunday school for kids, but when I learned they voted as a church to not allow same sex marriages to happen in their church I could not become a member and still live with myself.  I didn't confront anyone and ask what they would do it it was their son or daughter who realized they were gay?  Would they not want anything to do with that person?  Would they love that person less?  Would they think that person was going to Hell?  I believe we are God and Jesus loves all of us, homosexual or not, that he loves us with all our imperfections and issues.  Stepping off of my soap box.

Anyway, I've been going to a very liberal Lutheran Church.  Happily making acquaintances and enjoying myself there.  When my husband ask me if I would give the last Catholic Church in the area a try?  Why is he asking, I wonder?  He would show any interest in a church at this point.  It was not until I finally decided to investigate and look into a church for myself.  A church that I liked a lot. A church that reminded me of the church I grew up going to.  So, I finally asked him if he would compromise.  We would not join any church.  We could do every other week, 1 and catholic (which I am not comfortable with as we have not able to find a low key Catholic Church) and 1 at Lutheran (which is much more low key and your child does not have to sit still, your kid is given crayons and stuff to color and there is a portion that is on the floor for kids).

So I am trying to come to terms with the fact that my MIL is influencing my husband even now since she saw me going to the Lutheran Church over Christmas.

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