Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Better, Better, Better...

All is pretty quiet here.  The Strong Willed Wonder and I are are on our own until Friday since airplane man is out of town (sigh). She thinks it is great.  I'm just lonely.  I'm a list for adopting a rescue and they called today about a 3 month old puppy who is half basset hound and half labrador.  I called and spoke with the woman from the shelter and she told me about the dog who sounds great.  She gave me the name of the woman at the foster home where the do is.  I called and am waiting to hear back.  I would really like to to meet the puppy while Lovey Girl is at school because if she is with me she'll get her hopes up.

My psych doctor wasn't answering his phone  for about 4 weeks and as I feel into a deeper and deeper depression it was not cool.  Finally someone answered, I went right over, and it turns our they had been having receptionist problems and he was in the hospital.  Anyway, I switched doctors and yes, another panic attack hit as I drove there because I was stuck sitting at a traffic light that has an arrow. After talking with her for a while I realized it's not depression exactly, it's anxiety.  I am SO anxious!   Always anxious.   So she did not switch my med, she just increased it and today is the first day that I did not have a tension headache AND as I type this its the first day in a while that I haven't clenched my teeth.

Maybe a bad mommy move?  Not sure.  Today was apple crunch day at the elementary school and I did not volunteer to peel and chop apples, instead I had a zentangle class at the library where I drew zentangle designs on a pumpkin which was pretty neat and took me into a different area since I've only drawn on paper.   This is the sort of thing I did  I saw one for sale on Etsy for 15.00 wow, I did it for free at the library.    Anyway, I signed up for a Zentangle class last year because I wanted a hobby that wasn't reading and it was described as meditative and relaxing.  Ok, I'm there, I have no artistic talent.  Anyway, I was amazed after I did it.  I love that you do not have to be an artist to do it.

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