Saturday, December 19, 2015

looking for zen dammit ;-)

I'll take a moment to gripe.  Our puppy has decided it is so much fun to go under the next door neighbors chain link fence.  I drive have to drive over to get her since it's around the corner and the yard is fenced, see the neighbor and their son in the car in the driveway.  Sigh, not being discreet.  Had to explain, the son and I walked into yard and Belle has gone under the fence again and out to our yard.  Peachy.  I drove back to our house and met her in the garage.

Now on other side they have a dog, named peanut butter.  PB is always outside and he barks nonstop.  PB has found a way out of their yard a number of times gone to our house, and the house across the street.  My friend was out walking her dog and I ran into her, apparently she had called my neighbor (no clue how she got the phone number since neighbor won't give it out) saying that she had returned PB 3x.  Neighbor apparently had blamed US for their dog escaping.  Um, we didn't fence our yard for Peanut Butter.  We fenced it for Josie.  We thought it would be ok for Belle, but she is little and has figured out escape artist tricks.  Are we blaming our neighbor? No.  We are fixing the issue and will be making a trip to H.ome Depot for supplies today.

On the plus side I am done Christmas shopping.  They're all wrapped, I wrapped at the Mom Matters meeting and disposed of the santa paper there :-) because the kid it to freaking smart.  The santa items are locked in my car trunk.

I've decided to look for a church for myself as a way to make friends, remember all that I am blessed with, and because the MS seizures have not left me with much memory so I have to re-learn...I was a sunday school teacher in high school.  I went to a christian church last week, the people were VERY nice and I liked the bible study then I learned that the congregation had taken vote against same sex marriage.  I then left with mixed feelings.  I am aware of the bible verses that against homosexuality, but at the same time your can find bible verses against so many things , you can spin or interpret the words however you would like.   In my mind, it is more of a morale issue than religious.  Basic and simply put God loves all of us and accepts us for who we are.  I don't think of it only loving and accepting you if you're in love with and spending your life with someone of the opposite sex.  I do not want to be believe in a god that is so cruel and mean...

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